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There are two types of crypto traders out there, humans and machines. You can bet that the humans have already been outpaced, outsmarted, and outplayed in this crypto world. It's a world made for machines and the technical arms race has only just begun. Today, we are all experiencing the very rough start of the financial revolution, tomorrow's generations will write code to interact with their financial tools, or maybe use code to do it. That’s why Anonshiba represents Anon Sniper Bot (for purchasing on BSC and ETH) to snipe upcoming launches and Mixer to make your funds untraceable , including Anon credit cards, Anonbridge more to provide for users enhanced security and functionality.


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Anonymize your funds


Transfer Funds to various chains


BSC and ETH ERC-20 Token sniper


Anon Crypto cards and topups with $ASHIBA


Community Establishment
Website Ready
Release Utilities ( Mixer v1, Sniper v1)
Prelaunch Marketing
Fairlaunch on Pinksale
Launch on Pancakeswap
Dextools socials update
Collaboration with X influencers
Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listing
Marketing campaign 2.0
Release Sniper bot 2.0
Dextools trending
DAO development
Bridge Launch
Sniper v2
Add to Dappsradar
CEX lsiting
Press release
Dextools trending
Cex listing 2
VCC release
Release Roadmap 2.0

AnonSniper offers blazing-fast execution in the crypto realm, ensuring you're always ahead in the trading game.With its MEVShield feature, AnonSniper provides robust protection against Miner Extractable Value vulnerabilities.Navigate the unpredictable world of gas fees with AnonSniper's flexible gas options, allowing for optimal speed and cost.Experience seamless trading with AnonSniper's Telegram integration, enabling real-time notifications and direct trade executions.Specifically designed for the BSC and Ethereum network.


Anonshiba (ASHIBA)

Token name and Ticker

100 Million



What the usecase of Mixer ?

A cryptocurrency mixing service is a service that mixes potentially identifiable cryptocurrency funds with others, so as to obscure the trail back to the fund's original source. So as it makes your funds untraceable and gives you more security.

What the usecase of Sniper Bot ?

Snipe bots help traders profit, because when a new liquidity pool is opened on DEXes traders with snipe bots can be the first to buy the new tokens at their cheapest and then sell them on for profit.

What is the strategy of Sniper Bot?

This snipe bot strategy works because it allows traders to buy tokens as soon as they’re listed on an exchange at lightning-fast speed, sometimes up to zero seconds from the time of listing! Automated sniping helps traders be the first in line and buy tokens in the same block, or next several blocks.

How Sniper Bot works?

The whole process is automated . Users can access sniperbot in telegram and create wallets and make snipes with gas limits and mevsheild.